Luxemburger Musiklexikon

Presentation of the Series

The Luxemburger Musiklexikon is an encyclopedia of another kind. Not only does it provide detailed information about Luxembourg's composers and performers, but it also contains quotations from contemporaries or descendants as well as pictorial material. The first volume contains articles about musicians who were active in Luxembourg and covers the period between 1815 and 1950. In 1815 the Luxembourgish State was recognised as a sovereign nation by the Congress of Vienna and thus gained its independance. 1950 stands for a break or a new beginning after the Second World War. The birth cohorts of the musicians in this volume cover a period from 1773 to 1914. The 2nd volume contains articles on personalities of Luxembourg's musical life in the 20th and 21st centuries.


Luxemburger Musiklexikon - Damien Sagrillo

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  • Ursula ANDERS-MALVETTI (Université du Luxembourg)
  • Alain NITSCHKÉ (Université du Luxembourg)
  • Carolin REUTER (Université du Luxembourg)
  • Damien SAGRILLO (Université du Luxembourg)
  • Jean THILL (Université du Luxembourg)
  • Tina ZEIß-ZIPPEL (Université du Luxembourg)

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