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The Ends of the Humanities

ISSN: 2716-7550
Main Editors: Till Dembeck, Georg Mein, Johannes Pause, Christoph Purschke
The particular contribution of the humanities in dealing with current societal challenges lies in their ability to thoroughly examine the full range of cultural phenomena. This includes the production of artifacts and the foundations of society as well as discoursive constructions of concepts like history and cultural heritage. But the humanities are also and in various ways engaged with the future. They extend the scope of the thinkable and closely monitor ongoing cultural processes. In doing so, they inherently partake in society and shape our understanding of culture as a whole.
The book series "The Ends of the Humanities" assembles contributions that demonstrate how the work of the humanities brings about new approaches to the analysis and sustainable development of cultural practices. Contributions to this series will develop new empirical perspectives on current global issues and advance the borders of disciplinary self-reflection through theoretical accounts of scholarly work and the epistemological foundations of the humanities. They will engage with the complex dynamics of culture and with new forms of cultural engineering which evolve, for example, with digitization and the rise of artificial intelligence.

Current Trends in Luxembourg Studies

ISSN: 2716-7518
Main editors: Peter Gilles, Markus Hesse, Michel Pauly, Christian Schulz,

The open-access book series Current Trends in Luxembourg Studies (CTLS) is intended as a fast publication platform for current research on Luxembourg from the perspectives of humanities and social sciences. The series publishes dissertations, monographs, edited volumes, research reports etc. It is open for contributions both from the University of Luxembourg and from external institutions.

Luxemburger Musiklexikon

The Luxemburger Musikerlexikon is an encyclopedia of another kind. Not only does it provide detailed information about Luxembourg composers and performers, but it also contains quotations from contemporaries or descendants and pictorial material. The first volume contains articles about musicians who were active in Luxembourg and covers the period between 1815 and 1950. In 1815 the Luxembourg State was recognised by the Congress of Vienna as a sovereign nation and thus gained its independance. 1950 stands for a break or a new beginning in the first post-war years after the Second World War. The birth cohorts of the musicians cover a period from 1773 to 1914. The musicians who were born after 1914 are presented in the second volume of the Musicians' Encyclopedia.

Zeitschrift für interkulturelle Germanistik

ISSN: 1869-3660
Hauptherausgeber: Wilhelm Amann, Till Dembeck, Dieter Heimböckel, Georg Mein, Gesine Lenore Schiewer, Heinz Sieburg
Die Zeitschrift für interkulturelle Germanistik (ZiG) trägt dem Umstand Rechnung, dass sich in der nationalen und internationalen Germanistik Interkulturalität als eine leitende und innovative Forschungskategorie etabliert hat. Sie greift aktuelle Fragestellungen im Bereich der germanistischen Literatur-, Kultur- und Sprachwissenschaft auf und möchte dazu beitragen, die unterschiedlichen Tendenzen und Trends der Interkulturalitätsforschung zu bündeln und ihre theoretischen Voraussetzungen weiter zu vertiefen. Insofern das Forschungsparadigma der Interkulturalität prinzipiell nicht mehr einzelfachlich gedacht werden kann, versteht sich die Zeitschrift bewusst als ein interdisziplinär und komparatistisch offenes Organ, das sich im internationalen Wissenschaftskontext verortet sieht.
Die Zeitschrift für interkulturelle Germanistik wird im transcript Verlag publiziert und im Rahmen eines Open Access Kooperationsvertrags als erweiterte Onlineausgabe auf Melusina Press republiziert.

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