Luxemburger Musiklexikon

Luxemburger Musiklexikon

Editors: Ursula Anders-Malvetti, Alain Nitschké, Caroline Reuter, Damien Sagrillo, Jean Thill, Tina Zeiß-Zippel

Content: The Luxemburger Musikerlexikon is an encyclopaedia of another kind. Not only does it provide detailed information about Luxembourg's composers and performers, but it also contains quotations from contemporaries or descendants as well as pictorial material.

The first volume contains articles about musicians who were active in Luxembourg and covers the period between 1815 and 1950. In 1815 the Luxembourgish State was recognised as a sovereign nation by the Congress of Vienna and thus gained its independence. 1950 stands for a break or a new beginning after the Second World War. The birth cohorts of the musicians in this volume cover a period from 1773 to 1914.

The 2nd volume contains articles on personalities of Luxembourg's musical life in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Thanks to the new version being online instead of in printed form, both volumes now have even more use, greater functionality and diverse worth and feel more dynamic, interactive and alive than ever. Through the use of hyperlinks, the articles are now both interconnected and connected to external sites. The articles being online also allows us to update and amend articles with ease as new information reaches us.

Review: Each article manuscript is reviewed by another peer and the musician/composer the article is about (in case the person has passed away, by a family member) in an unblinded review process. After copy-editing the editorial board carries out another review and makes a final decision on the publication.

Submission: no open submission process
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