Auslandsstudium an der Schwelle zum Erwachsenenwerden

Ausgestaltung und Bedeutung des Auslandsaufenthaltes unter Credit- und Degree-Studierenden aus Luxemburg

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Emilia Kmiotek-Meier

Luxembourg has an almost 100% student mobility rate, much higher compared to other EU countries. While there is a long-standing tradition of studying abroad for a degree, and short-term credit mobility is an obligation at the University of Luxembourg, there are few academic studies dedicated to student mobility from Luxembourg. This study will partly close the gap. Based on narrative interviews and an online survey this study fills the gap as it examines the shaping and significance of stays abroad by and for young people from Luxembourg. It explores not only what motivates students to study abroad, but also how and why they do so. The findings reveal that the norm of study-related mobility in Luxembourg is being questioned by young people, as evidenced by the different orientations of degree and credit students. Furthermore, this study illustrates the different roles of parents and peers in the process of student mobility. It highlights that time abroad cannot be considered a context-free part of young people's lives. Instead, study-related mobility is discussed as a special and multidimensional biographical moment on the threshold of adulthood. Additionally, the study systematically compares the two forms of study-related mobility (degree and credit), which has been neglected in previous debates.